We deliver a human centered approach to driving innovation through good design, bringing elegance, usability and most importantly desirability. We help create new markets and amplify your offering in existing ones.


We harness the power of sensors & big data sets to discover insights and new opportunities like never before. Insight mining through a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, allows us to create unforeseen opportunities for your organization.


We help you manage your innovation challenges & link into emergent practices in design, branding and change management. We help you transform core competences to create intelligent demand via humanistic approaches and clever design.

At Leapcraft: We create new markets, transform products and infuse innovation culture.

We have worked for global companies in healthcare, logistics, technology & consumer goods as well as public sector agencies.

We work at the intersection of good design, big data and radical science to help transform your offering! We tinker, travel, prototype, deliver proof of concept, along with passion & a sprinkle of creative culture!


Some things we do everyday

  • Observe people, behaviour and practices
  • Distill large databases
  • Cook up new algorithms
  • Create new sensors and hardware
  • Facilitate workshops & co-creation
  • Tinker with open source technologies
  • Dream about the next big breakthrough product
  • Get excited by complex problems
  • Mentor and support startups