Leapcraft is a looking for talented front end developer to engage in a project.

The position is for 2-3 months full time (with a possibility of extension), preferably located in Copenhagen for March to May 2014.

  • Very sharp with CSS3 & HTML5 and savvy with jQuery framework.
  • Leaning towards very customised interface components (eg. calendar from scratch)
  • Responsive/Adaptive design understanding and skills.
  • Experience with Template engines (jade, handlebars etc)
  • Experience with Client-side MVC/MVVM pattern/frameworks (Backbone, Knockout, Angular, YUI, your choice)
  • The person will work will work in close contact with a team at Leapcraft consisting of a backend developer and with assistance of two interaction design generalists.

Please contact info[at]leapcraft.dk with samples of earlier work & CV for further information before 30th Jan 2015.