The residency program at Leapcraft offers a three months opportunity to experience our studio culture and pickup skills in a creative environment.  The below is a general outline of three months process that extracts and compresses various modules derived from design education program for the Master/Ph.d level.


In the course of the three months training, the resident will:

  1. Learn a set of innovation methods for creating products/services/systems/strategies.
  2. Practice skills to apply and combine these methods as a collective creation process for their own business challenges.
  3. Experience processes in an environment where they are supported and mentored by experts in this field.
  4. Experience the design and innovation culture, mindset and meet interesting people in Denmark.

Key takeaways.

  1.  Acquire new skills in design methods and innovation process.
  2. Enable the resident to reflect on some new skills. Thus, providing the resident with the ability to incorporate this approach into in their everyday practice.
  3. Enable the resident to disseminate their learning skills back to his/her groups, department and further more to organisation.

The mission of the Leapcraft residency program is to support the production of new strategy/services/products through our academically grounded and practically validated design approach with the assistance from the Leapcraft community. The program provides an ideal environment for visiting innovators to work at their own challenges in collaboration with Leapcraft consultants. The intersection with Leapcraft team will include workshops, critiques, and lectures. A centrepiece of the residency is the open studio where the resident carries out work in a Leapcraft’s public domain. There is a emphasis on studio culture and learning by doing. The residency is expected to culminate in the realisation of the proposed work, as well as a presentation that summarises the process and work accomplished of their own challenges.

The programme is open to both employes of sponsoring companies and individuals who are currently enrolled in a master / PhD programme.

Contact Mika Yasuoka for further details : my [at] leapcraft [dot] dk