Vinay Venkatraman, CEO, Leapcraft was invited to give the Victor Papanek memorial lecture at the famous AULA der Wissenschaften in Vienna, Austria. His lecture opened the 2 day symposium on Emerging and Alternative Economies of Design: The Social Imperative of Global Design.

The Papanek Symposium 2013 brings together international experts from China, Europe, India, Singapore, and the US, to examine the social and political imperative of design in emerging economies.

Design in the 21st century, harnessed by rising powers striving for economic competitiveness and cultural profile on the world stage, has taken on a newly urgent political significance. The unprecedented quantity of production and cultural engagement with design, from China to India, is shaping our collective futures. Can alternative design genres develop on the periphery of established neo-liberal models of economics and consumer culture? What is their potential to generate social innovation and challenge pre-existing, unsustainable economies of production?

Papanek Sympoiusm