The ambient intelligence node (AmbiNode™) offers the most advanced A.I enabled building sensor that measures IAQ, acoustics, occupancy trends & HVAC performance to help optimise for healthy and efficient workspaces.

Simple, scalable, secure..

The AmbiNode™ offers the most advanced multi sensor fusion - IoT device with enterprise grade security.

Our integrated privacy centric A.I solution is designed to meet all your indoor climate and space management needs.

Intelligent Indoor climate
Easily measure environmental aspects like Air Quality, Thermal Comfort, Noise Level and Lighting Levels to meet occupational health & safety standards.
Occupancy trends
Understand how your spaces are being used without cameras or invasive methods. Optimise floor space and energy demand.
Automated reporting
We make it ultra simple to gather insights and get timely notifications. We offer out-of- the box integrations to many facility solutions and BMS.
Simple digital touchpoints

Meaningful insights
on the go

The AmbiNode comes with a companion app for occupants and facility managers to enable a data driven dialogue.
Our data systems are GDPR compliant and our customers are fully in control of their data.

Sense making of sensors:
our human centric, Artificial Intelligence.

We help you make sense of your complex data in a simple and intuitive way with timely and contextually relevant messages.
Adaptive algorithms
Understand the relationship between environment & human behaviour based on type of asset, usage and technical performance.
Responsive to your needs
Our algorithms take the role of supervising your assets and let you be in control of how and when to deploy them. Tweak the calculations to meet your needs.
Contextually accurate
One size does not fit all, our algorithms understand the type of building, patterns of use and standards to apply per location or even floor.
Enterprise grade, sophisticated and robust
Ready for integrations
Our software platform offers robust industry grade integrations via REST-API, Modbus or BACnet. Manage your assets and portfolio in a unified way.
No need is too complex
We take care of complex roles, permissions, rules, robust end- to-end security. We provide reporting to a wide variety of ISO & ASHRAE standards out of the box.

Systems for scale

Extend your spatial coverage easily with wireless sensor extensions to solve comfort and energy issues in commercial buildings. You can continuously monitor a room's needs, analyse incoming data, and control issues. Tackle thermal discomfort by eliminating temperature imbalances, and save costs and energy.
Indoor Air quality
Our CO2 MiniNodes are for spaces with high occupancy like conference rooms, classrooms or public spaces that need a better insight into changes in air quality with occupancy and activities.
Our Temperature MiniNodes help you feel comfortable no matter what ventilation system is used. It vastly improves the quality of your work space by helping you keep temperatures under control.
Occupancy trends
Our Presence MiniNodes allow you to understand space utilisation and occupancy. You can use this data for managing shared spaces safely.
Risk management
Profile your space to monitor risk of mould (fungal growth), toxic gases, noise, contaminants or airborne diseases.
True CO2
People Count
Relative Humidity

Simple and flexible pricing

Basic Plan
Everything to get you going to ensure a healthy buidling
Pro Plan
Upgrade for risk managemnt, occupancy and advanced analytics,
Large facilities, Interconnects, advanced rules and logic, roles and permissions and lot more..
AmbiNode hardware rental
IoS/Android app
Room Dashboard
Email / Phone
Data Connectivity
Indoor Climate analytics
Acoustics analytics
Occupancy analytics
Mini Node extensibility
Facility Dashboard
Indoor climate notifications
Airborne Risk notifications
Mould risk notifications
Weather & outdoor air-quality
BMS integrations